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Solution for “AndroidStudio: Entrypoint file not found at main.dart”

Problem: Running into "Entrypoint file not found at main.dart" error in Android Studio. Here is a screenshot of the error:

Error message

Figure 1: Error message

Solution: Here are the steps to fix this error:

  1. Navigate to 'File' -> 'Project Structure' -> 'Modules' and click on 'Import Existing Module' or 'Import...' like so:
Step 1 image

2. Click on the folder icon in the 'Source directory' field and select your project as a module like so:

Step 2 image

3. Click 'Ok' then 'Apply' and wait Gradle to rebuild the application with the extra task of including the Dark SDK this time

4. Click on 'Edit Configurations' and select your previous run configuration. The error should be resolved now. Here is a screenshot for reference:

Step 4 image


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